Online Trainings

Want to brush up on your communication skills online? Work on personal development in small groups via Zoom? Are you in need of a practical course on gender equality in your organization or do you want to know how gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting work? Then we have what you seek! Register on our open offer that we will launch on the first of July or plan a session for your company or organization with us as trainers.

Which online trainings do we offer?

Professional Communication Skills

Develop your assertiveness. 

Are you not assertive enough? Or are you perhaps too direct? During this training you’ll gain insight into your own style of communication and learn how to adjust yourself. You’ll also learn how to communicate difficult messages constructively, say “no” comfortably and tailor your communication to your conversation partner.

Giving and receiving constructive feedback. 

What exactly is feedback? And when and how do you use it? We will teach you very concretely how to best formulate feedback and how to ensure your feedback is welcome. You’ll also learn how to deal with the feedback you receive.

Efficiently communicating online. 

Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc, the online platforms are shooting up like mushrooms. It is impossible to imagine the post-corona world without online communication and meetings. In this training you’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of these various online channels and how to communicate constructively in very diverse online settings.

Personal Development

Personal leadership

In this training you’ll learn to draw up a feasible plan for yourself to improve your daily habits and professional functioning. You’ll discover how to develop supportive thinking, regulate your feeling and make your behavior constructive. All of this to become a happy (happier?) person and realize your goals!

On request, this training can be extended with the following modules:

  • Developing resilience (coping with stress and burnout prevention)
  • The power of positivity
  • Building confidence
  • Standing strong in relationships


Gender & Diversity

How woke are you?  

Find out what you need to know to be a diversity-friendly m/f/x who avoids the traditional pitfalls of racism, sexism and western centrism.

The gender-equal organization. 

Learn what you can do to make your organization more gender equal.

Gender mainstreaming & gender budgeting.

We will guide you through the instruments of the strategy to make the impact of policy more gender equal: gender mainstreaming, gender test and gender budgeting.

What do the online trainings look like?


Our online courses follow a fixed scenario, that takes into account the specific strengths and weaknesses of the medium:

  • the courses consist of two modules given on two consecutive half days, either mornings or afternoons.
  • A module lasts three and a half hours, consisting of 3x 1 hour training and 2x 10 minute recess.
  • We use as a platform, because this platform offers the best possibilities to work interactively with the group (breakaway-rooms for smaller groups, polls to actively involve members of the group, easy chat function, handy screensharing).
  • maximum amount of registered participants: 11
  • minimum amount of registered participants: 7


What do we expect from our participants?

  • A stable internet-connection, preferably with cable or at the least high-quality Wi-Fi
  • A free zoom-account set up in advance
  • A working webcam and microphone
  • The skills necessary to log in to Zoom, go to a meeting, use the chat function, turn video and audio off and on



v You can register as an individual. As soon as there are enough participants, a session is organized.
v You can register as a group provided that the group consist of a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 11 participants.
v You can organize a training session for your company or organization. We pin a date together and you oversee the registrations.


Price per training (= two modules of a half day):

v For an individual: 100€
v Group/company/organization: 700€
v +350€ for any additional modules of a half day

These prices do not include VAT.