Resilience and sustainability

for people and organisations

Genderatwork is a consultancy firm for sustainable professional and personal development
GAW was established in 2008 as a consultancy firm specializing in gender and diversity. We do action research, we offer consultancy, training & coaching. In the meantime, new themes were added: communication and well-being at home and at work. Gitte and Katlijn also offer personal guidance as a coach and psychotherapist.

Gitte Beaupain 


I.V. Therapist, coach, consultant and trainer


  • More than 20 years of experience in training, advice and coaching
  • Specialization in coaching, counseling and solution-oriented short therapy
  • Numerous experiences in European and Belgian institutions, NGOs, companies and projects
  • As a trainer and coach I help people to (re) build their personal and professional success story. My actions are focused on authenticity, potential and personality development, self-confidence and behavioral change
  • My areas of experience are: assertiveness, empowerment, efficient communication, feedback, stress management, conflict management, non-violent communication …
  • Further expertise as a consultant in gender, diversity and equal opportunities: including gender and disability, gender and age, gender in quality systems, masculinity and violence prevention

Katlijn Demuynck 


Trainer, consultant, coach & psychotherapist


  •  More than 20 years of experience in training, advice and coaching in European and Belgian institutions, NGOs, companies and projects
  • My experience consists of designing and realising training courses, supervising change processes and coaching projects
  • In coaching and training, I focus on stimulating insight and personal growth so that a healthy relationship with yourself forms the starting point for constructive interaction with others and with your work.
  • The themes on which I provide training:
    o well-being at work: stress management, positive thinking, personal leadership
    o communication: connecting communication, assertiveness, efficient communication, constructive feedback
    o diversity and equal opportunities
  • I am accredited as an equal opportunities’ teacher, diversity management and gender mainstreaming teacher at the European Commission
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